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Now that you have updated your profile and uploaded products unto your store, your online store is ready for you to start selling. You can start telling others, especially your customers, friends and family about your online store. Let them know that they can shop from your store conveniently from their homes, offices and while they are on the go.

While we will ensure that marketing is done for all the products on our store, you can speak to those you already know about your online store. You can also send the link to your store to them via email, chat or other methods. We also offer special marketing services with our membership plans. To view your online store, copy and paste your store url into a browser.

There are a number of things you need to do to be a successful vendor. We will explain these steps to you in a series of “how-to” guides that will be sent to you daily. These series of “how-to”guides will take you step by step through how to make the most of your store on Learnine Mall. If you don’t want to wait and you would like to read these articles all at once, you can find them all in our knowledge base on the site by clicking this link here.

To make sure that you keep receiving our emails and they don’t end up in spam, add us to your contact list. We trust you will enjoy selling on Learnine Mall.

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