How to Impress Your Customers with Your Products.

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In order to make the most of your online store on Learnine Mall, you must aim to impress your customers because customers who are impressed will always come back. Make sure your customers are impressed with your store, your products and your services.

in order to impress your customers, you must:

  1. Update your profile and keep it looking beautiful and inviting. Upload your logo, store address and store information.
  2. Upload beautiful, crisp clear photos of your products. dull, cluttered photos will not impress your guests. You photos should have the dimensions 600×600 or 800×800.
  3. Ensure you keep your product information updated. Customers will not be impressed if they order a product and you tell htem it is out of stock, but it says “in stock”on Learnine Mall.
  4. Make sure you only sell genuine, products of the highest quality. Customers will not be impressed if the order your products and receive a poor quality item or a fake product, which is an imitation of the genuine one. You may make a quick buck, but you will lose a customer and that customer will give you bad reviews, which will hurt your business for a long time to come.

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