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Thank you for joining our network of vendors. We are so glad to have you. In order to help you make the most of your account with us, when you first sign up for a vendor account, we will send you a series of emails introducing you to your account and our services. 

These series of “how-to” guides will take you step by step through how to use your account to generate some income with Learnine Mall and will be sent to you daily. If you don’t want to wait and you would like to read these articles all at once, you can find them all in our knowledge base here.

Your seller control panel gives you the tools to effectively manage your store. First, you need to understand how your account area is organized. On the left of the page, your menu is divided into two sections: “your seller section” and “your customer section”. Your seller section is where you manage all your business information and your customer section is where all your information as a customer is.

We will give you a more detailed guide to your seller section and customer section in the section on Your Account Area in the knowledge base.

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