Step 3b – Upload Your Products – Individually – Part 2

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Now that you have put in the basic product information under the edit product tab, click on the Inventory tab and select the option “Enable Stock Management At Product level”, enter the Stock Quantity, set “Allow Backorders” to “Allow”, or “Do Not Allow” or “Allow But Notify Customer“ and select the Stock Status as “In Stock” or “Out Of Stock”.

Under Shipping, enter the Shipping details (weight, dimensions and shipping class) of tahe product. Under the Linked Products” tab, you can Upsell or Cross-sell products. Under the “Attributes” tab, you can add as many attributes as you require. Finally, under the “Product Status” tab, you can set the product status to “Online” or “Draft”. If the status is set to “Online”, then the product will get published. You can also upload the image gallery for the product here and can make the product “Virtual” or “Downloadable” by first checking the “Virtual” or “Downloadable” checkbox.

For downloadable products, you will need to add the values for the “File Name”, “File URL”, “Limit” and “Expiry”. Now the product will become available in the Product List. Congratulations! You have uploaded your first product!

Once you have added products, you can view all your products in the “Products List” under “Products” and you can search, edit or delete any product. If you choose to edit the product you can modify the basic characteristics of the product as well as the inventory and product status options which appear after creating a product.

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