Step 3c – Upload Your Products – Mass Upload

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If you have paid for a membership plan that allows you to upload more than 20 products, you can use our “mass upload feature to upload multiple products at once by clicking on “mass upload” on the left menu. Mass upload allows you to upload an excel sheet and all the images of your products in a zipped folder. You can download a sample excel sheet for the type of product you want to upload (simple, variable, grouped, downloadable or external).

You can then fill in the excel sheet with your product details and upload the completed sheet to your account with the product images using the mass upload feature. You must name your images and include the name of your images in the image name column in the list of your products in the excel sheet.

If you need any assistance, you can reach out to us clicking on “Ask to Admin” or by creating a support ticket. (Click on “Open a Support Ticket” in the customer area of your control panel).

Once you have added products, you can view all your products in the “Products List” under “Products” and you can search, edit or delete any product. If you choose to edit the product you can modify the basic characteristics of the product as well as the inventory and product status options which appear after creating a product.

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