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Your store is ready for you to use and you can now start selling. You will need to maintain your products by ensuring that the product description, stock levels, pricing and so on are all up to date. To be able to manage your store “on-the-go”, please download the Learnine Mall mobile app from the Google Play Store on your android phone or on the Apple App Store for your iPhone.

We have a variety of additional services and marketing plans that allow you to make the most of and create a greater awareness of your store. If you are currently using the free plan, you can access these additional services by purchasing any of the different paid membership plans. Check out our membership plans at the vendor pricing page here.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will send you tips and “how-to” guides on how to make the most of your store. If you don’t want to wait and you would like to read these articles all at once, you can find them all in our knowledge base on the site by clicking this link here.

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