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Now that you have set up your account, you need to update your seller profile, so that visitors can recognize your store. Your seller profile displays critical information about your store and immediately after registration, you need to complete your seller profile. Once you update all the details in your profile, customers can access your profile from your product page. To update your profile, log into your seller account on Learnine Mall with your username and password. Click on “Seller Profile” on the left of the menu under your seller area. You can update your seller information or leave it the same.

Scroll down to the image section and click on “User image” and/or on “Shop Logo” to add your photo and the logo of your store. You should also add a banner image and click on “Show banner on seller page” to make your banner visible and to improve your store’s look and feel.

Write a brief description of your store in the space provided under “About Shop”, add in the links to your store’s social media profile and add your preferred payment method. Click update and all your store’s information will be saved.

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