Step 3a – Upload Your Products – Individually Part 1

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Now that you have chosen your membership plan, you can start uploading your products. To upload your products, Click on “Product List” on the left menu. At the top right of the page, click on “Add product” to open the add product page. You can add 5 types of products from the seller panel:

  1. Simple Products
  2. Grouped Products
  3. External / Affiliate Products
  4. Variable Products
  5. Downloadable Products

If you have not chosen a membership plan you have to do so before you can add a product. Then you need to choose the Product Categories under which you classify your product. You can choose several categories. Then choose the “Product Type” (from the 5 types listed above) and click “Next”. Enter the information about your product, such as – Product Name, About Product, Product Thumbnail, Product SKU, Regular price, Sale Price and Product Short Description. Click “Add Image” to add an image of your product and click “Save”. To get the best of your product, please make sure your image is at least 800×600 and is on a white background.

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